Our Story

We created Wine That Loves™ because we’ve been fortunate enough to taste what happens when food and wine are paired right and wanted to bring that seemingly elusive pleasure to your dinner table each and every night. Indeed, the idea for Wine That Loves™ was born by chance, when one of us went on vacation and had a glimpse of what dinner time could be.

One night at dinner, I asked the sommelier to select wines for each course of my meal. Now, I’ve done this many times before, and too many times, the results have been just so-so. But this time was different. This time, something wonderful happened. I took a bite of my food and then a sip of my wine. Almost immediately, I felt something exciting going on in my mouth. The wine, which tasted great on its own, seemed to pick up even more flavor, nuance, and dimensionality from the food. And with the next bite of food, I noticed that the wine and food flavors together created a taste that was even better than the taste of the food alone. The pleasure was so immense that, after swallowing that first sip of wine, I couldn’t wait to take another bite of food, and then another sip of wine, just to keep the magic going – to keep that new taste sensation alive in my mouth.

After hearing this story, we tried to recreate this experience at home but found that we just couldn’t. Not even at some of the best restaurants in New York! That’s when we realized that we needed to start this company. The pleasure that comes from wine and food paired right should not be so hard to find. In forming this company, we did what you would have done. We assembled a great team, including one of the best sommeliers in the country and some of the best winemakers in the world. We also worked with chefs and sophisticated food lovers to bring this pleasure to your dinner table each night. Together, we created the wines that love the foods you eat everyday.

The Amazing Food Wine Company

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