Wine That Loves Grilled Steak™


This high flavor-intensity dish requires a high-intensity wine. If the wine has too little intensity, the flavor of the wine will be lost and you will miss the opportunity to enjoy the interplay of the two flavors.


Grilled steak has a dark and mellow flavor, so the right wine needs low acidity. Too much acidity would create a sharp taste that sticks out and distracts from the pleasure of the dish.


Because of the mouth-filling flavor of the grilled steak, the right wine needs to be medium in tannin to give the wine a taste impression that is big enough to match the substantial mouth presence of this dish.


The dominant flavors of this dish are dark so the wine that complements it needs fruit flavors that are in the dark fruit family. Other dark flavors in the wine bring an interesting complexity to the overall taste experience.

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