Roasted Chicken


This medium flavor-intensity dish requires a medium intensity wine. If the wine has too much or too little intensity, either the flavor of the food or the flavor of the wine will be lost and you will miss the opportunity to enjoy the interplay of the two flavors.


The right wine for this neutral acidity dish needs to be medium in acidity. If the acidity is too high, the wine will clash with the food resulting in an unpleasant sour or tart taste.


For this dish, which has a firm texture and can be slightly dry, the right wine needs to have low tannin. If the tannin is too high, the wine will clash with the texture of the food, creating a dominant astringent taste rather than a balanced taste of the wine and food flavors.


To complement the mild flavor of this dish, the right wine needs to have fruit flavors that are in the bright, ripe, red fruit family.

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